Color Me Happy

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Words to Live by

We all need a little boost of inspiration now and then. Here are some things we find inspiring. We hope you'll take some inspiration with you, and help spread the good. Find Inspiration Now

My Yoga Class Cards

Why did we make this app? What's it used for? Find the answer to these things questions and other interesting tidbits of info and knowledge about life and about Little Shiny Om here.

So who is this Little Shiny Om anyway?

Little Shiny Om is that bright person within you that knows and leads the way to happiness, and personal fulfillment. Yoga helps release your own Little Shiny Om. Yoga is what we're all about. Sometimes it's the moment when we go "ahah!" and finally achieve a yoga pose that's been challenging us. Sometimes it's a gentle smile that gets us through the day. Sometimes it's just a sense of wonder and reverence, listening to your own heart. The bright and shiny feeling one gets knowing that your intentions are good, and your energy is flowing. Little Shiny Om is that which is the best inside of us all. It's you. And me. It's we. We hope you'll enjoy a Little Shiny Om in your life. That's why we've made this iPhone application for yoga for you - My Yoga Class Cards. To remind you that you should get to class! Namaste.

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