Yin Yoga Donation Class In May

Please join me at Yoga Path Studio for a Yin Yoga donation class! Friday, May 3rd, 6 pm The donation is $10 in cash for a 60 minute class. In a Yin yoga practice, we hold mostly seated poses for a longer time using props as needed to slowly release into our poses. It...

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Slow Flow Vinyasa Donation Classes in April and May

Please join me at The Studio for Yoga for two donation classes! Wednesday, April 17, 7 pm Wednesday, May 8th, 7 pm The donation is $15 in cash for a 90 minute class. We will find our flow in the class and then will end with some restorative poses. All proceeds will be...

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The Mandala: A Creative Meditation Workshop

Last weekend I gave a workshop about drawing mandalas to a group of creative yogis. We learned a bit about the Mandala and then dove right in and put pen to paper and drew. I was excited to share my experience of drawing and creating mandalas...

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Spread a Little Shiny Om


So who is this Little Shiny Om anyway?

Little Shiny Om is that bright person within you that knows and leads the way to happiness, and personal fulfillment. Yoga helps release your own Little Shiny Om. Yoga is what we’re all about. Sometimes it’s the moment when we go “ahah!” and finally achieve a yoga pose that’s been challenging us. Sometimes it’s a gentle smile that gets us through the day. Sometimes it’s just a sense of wonder and reverence, listening to your own heart. The bright and shiny feeling one gets knowing that your intentions are good, and your energy is flowing. Little Shiny Om is that which is the best inside of us all. It’s you. And me. It’s we. We hope you’ll enjoy a Little Shiny Om in your life. That’s why we’ve made this iPhone application for yoga for you – My Yoga Class Cards. To remind you that you should get to class! Namaste.


We love Art too.

Check out some art we’ve created.

Yoga is a creative pursuit. And when we are not practising we often enjoy creating visual works of art. A few of which can be seen on this page dedicated to inspirational creative prints and paintings. 

We hope you’ll take a look and enjoy!