Aerial Workshop – Grounding Your Practice Donation Class for LBBC

Apr 6, 2017

Please join Alison for an Aerial Donation Workshop on April 18th at Yoga Path Studio in Moorestown, NJ

Aerial Workshop – Grounding your Practice
Aerial WorkshopTuesday, April 18th, 6pm
Donation $14


In this 60 minute class, we will stay grounded in the mat for this practice using the aerial silks to do traditional yoga poses like Pigeon, Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and Downward Dog. You can connect into these poses in a different way using the silks which you can then apply to your mat practice. We will not be hanging or swinging above our mat in the silks (unless you decide you want to) for this practice. This class is great for all levels including those new to an aerial practice.

Space is limited, please register online on the schedule page.

Yoga Path Studio
217 Chester Ave.
Moorestown, NJ
(856) 669-9642